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Great Commission Ministries, Inc. is a discipleship ministry who trains and disciples pastors, leaders, and missionaries in 66 countries. We heard the cry from pastors and listened to the great need of church leaders from all over the world who have never been discipled, or have never discipled another believer. They have taught them the Word, prayed with them, and worshipped with them, but have never been taught how Jesus made disciples.

The Jesus Model of discipleship is a very basic method of teaching people what Jesus did and what he trained his disciples to do. It is ease to look into the life of a great man or woman of God and see from their fruit, the type of spiritual leader who has been mentored and now duplicate what Jesus has done in someone else's life.

Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith. Hebrews 13:7

To duplicate is to teach another believer the value of imitating their faith as a way of life. Literally thousands of pastors and leaders throughout the world are being discipled and empowered to serve and duplicate The Jesus Model like no other time in the history of the world. We must continue to live the Great Commandment and do the Great Commission.

May the ministry of GCM be a blessing to you as you begin a new walk of accountability with other believers to change your habits, grow in your spiritual walk, begin to duplicate your life through at D group of living out The Jesus Model of making disciples.

To make disciples by duplicating The Jesus Model in believers. Walk with them until they themselves begin to follow Jesus Christ and live His Character by faith according to His Word. So they may practice His presence everyday by being accountable to be Holy Spirit-led in all they do. Helping them to learn to share the truths and promises from His Word as answers to life's questions and walk face to face, shoulder to shoulder, and back to back with them so to make an eternal difference every day.

To make disciples according to Matthew 28:19-20. GO, make disciples, baptizing, teaching believers to make an eternal difference every day, in all aspects of their lives. At home, in the work place, in their social life, and in their daily living in the marketplace of world they live, no matter where you are, or what culture you may live.

To lead the lost to Christ and then disciple them in their walk with Him. Help them find a church home, be baptized, and get into a Bible Study Class. Also, to understand that this is not enough. Help them to see the need to commit to being discipled by a more mature believer and to walk closely with them through the disciplemaking process. Teach every believer to reach out, know His joy, share His love, spread His Word, and duplicate His life in you, in another believer. Be a disciplemaker!

The Process


The importance of training pastors, leadership and new believers as to their next step with Christ is vital. I am blessed to have great teachers, anointed men of God who help us to train these people in the 66 countries we now serve. One of those men is Dave Dawson, the writer and teacher of Equipping The Saints. This material and other key curriculum must be translated into the countries languages so to have tools for the believers to use to train nationals in their walk with God.


We must then start small discipleship groups called "D" Groups, in the countries we serve, to show the importance of accountability as a part of the discipleship model. The Jesus Model! Accountability is not just to be a student of the Word on a daily basis, but to do the following: Memorize scripture, have a continual prayer life, walk daily in Spirit - be a Spirit-led believer in all you do; led others to Christ and teach them the basics of a Spiritual walk... a relationship with Jesus Christ that is real and person. And then the "D" Groups provide the daily spiritual walk of faith to learn the importance of living a life focused on the eternal.


Many people get the word duplicate and multiply mixed up. Multiplication is a word used to evangelize the world for Christ. Duplication is the word for Discipleship. A word which describes what happens in the disciple's relationship to Jesus Christ as a result of The Jesus Model. We learn a faith walk, a mentoring or spiritual parenting procedure of teaching you what it means to be a Spirit-led believer. You then teach another believer the same process and duplicate that which God has done in your life with another believer that you are discipling. Walking with and leaning on the Holy Spirit. He is the teacher, He is the counselor, He is the one who empowers and changes you in to His likeness.

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