Spiritual Discipline

The Enemy's Purpose

Not everyone understands who the enemy is, and what his purpose is in relationship to you living in peace. The Bible tells us these spiritual forces want to kill, to steal, and to destroy you. John 10:10 If you want to walk in righteousness, it's going to be an even greater battle, because Satan knows that the righteousness of God is what exposes him. You have an enemy and he is hostile toward you. You may think, "I haven't done anything to the devil, why is he hostile toward me?" From the moment you said "yes" to Christ, the image of God was birthed in you. Christ is in you! You are territory that once belonged to the devil and he wants it back.

God desires all of your heart, not just parts and pieces. The devil doesn't mind you surrendering just part of your heart to the Lord, for if he still maintains property in your heart, he still has a place to stay. He desires a place to survive in your heart. This is why the devil loves compromise. It gives him a place to visit in your life. 1 Peter 2:11 Never think that you can co-exist with the devil or that you can sign a treaty, or compromise peacefully with Satan and sin. He will never be happy with what he has...he wants all of you!

The only relationship that we should have with the devil is that of warfare. That is Satan's purpose, to wage war against you. If you are a Christian, you are in hostile territory as long as you live in this world. Satan is called the prince of the power of the air. Jesus called him the prince of this world, and every Christian is in enemy territory. Every soldier knows that you behave differently behind enemy lines; more caution and more care must be taken. The deceptive spirit is powerful, and he is united in his purpose toward you. 1 John 5:19

In Old Testament teaching, we must remember that it was God who had delivered Joshua and the children of Israel from Egypt; it was God who had destroyed Pharaoh's army; it was God who had provided food for them in the wilderness; it was God who had made a way for them to cross Jordan; and it was God who pulled down the walls of Jericho for them to have victory in the Promised land. 2 Thessalonians 3:3

You would think that knowing all that God had done for us, that we would realize just how much we need Him. I'm sure if you could go back and ask the children of Israel how much they needed God, or how important God was to them, every single one of them, from Joshua all the way down, would have declared just how much they needed God. But did their actions show it? When times get tough, that is when our true colors show.

If I were standing in front of you today and asked the same question, I would get answers like, "Oh yes, I need God". But do your actions declare it? You may say, "What causes me to compromise?" It is usually the absence of prayer, His Word, and the mindfulness of walking and talking to God. If you don't, you will fail to recognize the enemy when he approaches. Statistics have indicated that the average believer, who reads the Bible, prays only three minutes each day. And we wonder why the devil is making such inroads into the church. Nehemiah was tempted to meet with Sanballat and Geshem to find a compromise, but refused, knowing they intended to do him harm. Nehemiah 6:1 How did he get such knowledge? Prayer, is powerful!

Psychologists have noticed a human behavior they call the foot-in-the-door". It states that if you make a small commitment now, it is much easier to make a larger commitment later on for the same cause. The devil is an expert in human nature. He knows, if you will first accept what he offers, even though it may appear harmless, you'll all the more easily accept whatever else he has to offer. We first accept the enemy's food, and then we accepted the enemy's lies. We must be aware of what the enemy offers, no matter how innocent it appears. Never let him have his "foot in the door" of your life. Whatever he offers, you can be assured there are strings attached. Ephesians 4:27 Compromise with the devil will always bear fruit, but not good fruit. Galatians 2:5

God my Father, I need You and the moment by moment help of Your Holy Spirit. Teach me to pray the power of Your Word in my life and to know and do Your perfect will in all I do. Help me to fight the daily spiritual battle with Your Word of hope to a world that is evil and desires to steal, kill, and destroy in me everything about You. Help me to not let Satan have a "foot-in-the-door" of any area of my life. I need Your discernment as to daily living and the spiritual disciplines that only You provide. In Jesus name I pray, Amen! YES or NO

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