Spiritual Discipline

Broken Relationships

How costly is a shattered relationship? Unfaithfulness, untruths, hateful words, and forsaken vows tear delicate personal bonds and inflict wounds which are not easily healed. And at the base of such a broken relationship is usually a far more tragic fraction....a broken relationship with God. Money can be replaced, tears can be mended, and actions with angry hands can find peace at the end of the day. Only through a relationship with God can you find the purest and healing love for the mending of a broken hearted relationship.

If you have ever been the victim, or the instigator of such a broken relationship, I pray this study will help to mend your heart and restore your belief that God's love will perfectly and completely heal you....a love of action through giving, guiding and guarding your faith to an eternal love that never stops healing your heart. Even when Satan tries to remind you of that past moment of tragic fraction and tries to create friction again.....you are reminded of God's eternal, forgiving, and unending love. Ephesians 3:14-19 Know this love!

Too often, people break their covenant with God and begin following the false gods of today's worldly attractions. They fall back into a lifestyle of freely spewing their anger and bitterness on others, and the deceptive spirit takes control of their soul. How can that be? How can someone who loves God with all their heart and confess Him as Lord allow such a thing to occur? Romans 6:23 The "I" in sIn and prIde happens when time after time, we allow that satanic grip of the lusts in our life to have precedence over the love of God in our life. This must be exercised continually. I John 2:15-16 We are of the false teaching that sin cannot get to believers. That is false, and the believers of our past are living testimonies of such a fact. Allowing the fresh grip of Satan upon our lives is a choice we ALL make. Say out loud Romans 6:23.

Only God can bring us into the proper relationship with Himself. His solitude with us is vital to building and rebuilding any relationship. Mark 4:10 When God gets us alone, it is usually through suffering, heartbreak, temptation, sickness, disappointment, or by fantasy desires and broken relationships. When He finally gets our attention and gets us absolutely alone, we become totally speechless. We are not even able to speak or ask a question. THEN, He begins to teach us. People, through His Word, have come to that place literally thousands of times. Even Jesus spent time alone with God the Father, knowing that was the requirement to know and do His perfect will. Notice, it was not until they had received the Holy Spirit did they understand. John 14:26

I am so thankful that God helps me know His directions and the truths as I can understand them. He is forming me. It's like a potter with clay. God's work is so slow that it takes God all time and eternity to form man and woman. He takes the best and worst of us and does not waste a thing in our lives. But we must look to Him with courage and know that His plan is pure, true and with great purpose. How is it that we can become so ignorant about ourselves and who God is in US! We must come to a point like Thomas in John 20:28 when we declare, "My Lord and my God!", and pour out our lives for Him, and draw on Him to satisfy us.

So many people get wrapped in what they can do for God under their own guidelines and time frame. The call of God is not a particular service. It is His divine nature lived out in me. Service is the outcome of His presence using my body to produce spiritual fruit that will last forever and walking in newness of life, described in Romans 6:4. Oswald Chambers calls it a "white funeral" where we bury the old life.....a death of the will of a person so to be resurrected - changed - transformed to the likeness of Jesus Christ. Sanctification is when you become one with God for one purpose which is to be a living witness for Him as you share His love and life with others. The question from Isaiah 6:8 is still true today. "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us" is for everyone. YES, God wants you to go into that broken relationship asking Him to change you. That is where He is sending you. You can "follow Him" with a passion and love that will heal every hurt and pain in your life. He will bring us face to face with God Himself, and we will humbly say, "Here am I; send me!"

"Holy Father, that is my cry! Forgive me, heal me, empower me to go forth in Your name so to be broken and spilled out for You. I know you must first control my mind, so to control my heart, so to then conscientiously get control of my life to serve you each day. Transform me, in Jesus name I pray, Amen." YES or NO

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