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We reach out to know His joy, share His love, spread His word, live for eternal crowns and duplicate His life

Roger McCasland, President

Welcome to GCM!

Words from Roger D. McCasland, President

Welcome to Great Commission Ministries, Inc. We are a discipleship ministry that has been in existent since 1990 and got our start in Eastern Europe. We moved into India and Africa in the early 2000s and have trained literally 1000s of pastors and leaders from all over the world, and now are discipling pastors, leaders, and missionaries in 66 countries.

Many leaders have never been discipled. So when we ask the question, “Who discipled you and who are you discipling?” They answer with a statement, “I have never been discipled, so I am not sure how to make disciples.” Many will respond with how they have organized the church to teach the Word, pray with them, and worship together, but admit that no one at seminary or their commissioning organization taught them discipleship.

We hope and pray that this ministry will help you to organize your ministry into small discipleship groups. The Jesus Model of discipleship!

Spiritual Discipline

A Weekly Bible Study

Easter is a wonderful day to shout "He's Alive". It is not a lot different from the day when the crowd gathered for Jesus' trip to Jerusalem. It was just days before he was crucified, buried, and rose again. We can not only declare "Hosanna", but that "He is Alive", for we know the risen King. But that was not the case in the text. John 12:12-13 The crowd waved their palm leaves and stood in history as "The Holy Week", a week when they ushered Jesus into Jerusalem saying "Hosanna". Just days later, they shouted "Crucify Him!"

I'm not sure if you've been in another country, or seen how crowds can gather quickly to declare a protest, or produce a "Human Wall" to stand for something they feel very strongly about. I have never been in that kind of situation as a participant, but I have seen in person what kind of price it cost some to say, "I have been treated unfair", or, "No, my government is unfit to lead...

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Servant of All

Life Stories in Our Ministries

Laszlo Gerzsenyi is our “Servant of All” for Great Commission Ministries, and our first recipient for 2014. He is 80 plus years old and a spiritual hero for so many people because of his love for the Lord and his willingness to serve where God places him. He is a Hungarian writer, translator, professor, pastor, father, grandfather, and husband. He speaks impeccable English and teaches at two seminaries and heads up the BEE (Biblical Education by Extension) ministry effort for Europe. He was the International Teaching Ministry Administrator for Europe for over 20 years. He has translated material for the Bill Graham evangelistic ministry into Hungarian for a number of years. A child protégé musically and played the organ for his church at the age of 10. He has been writing hymns and composing music for the church hymnals and it never surprises me when I hear someone talk about his accomplishments as a leader...

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